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Special Events


1/7   - Friendly's Night from 5-8 at

          Cedar Crest Friendly's

1/8   - Middle School Recognition night

1/9   - Freshman Recognition Night

1/11 - Coaches versus Cancer night

1/11 - After Game at Pickles

1/25 - Senior Mentor night

1/26 - Dance Team

2/1   - Youth Recognition Night

2/1   - After Game at Pickles

2/8   - Senior Night

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Coach Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Emmaus Girls Basketball community! As a coaching staff, our focus is to develop girls in the classroom, on the basketball court and in the community. We see the opportunity to create a strong basketball landscape for girls in the East Penn School District. We often ask our players the following question…

What is the legacy that you are leaving behind?

Great teams and great programs have a unique intangible. They come together and sacrifice for the sake of the team. They willingly give up their individual accolades for the success of the team.

I have often thought about the words that I want people to use to describe me as a head coach. One of the first words that come to my mind is passion! Passion is a deep commitment, a compelling purpose, an intense enthusiasm for an aspect of life. I am passionate about my family. I am passionate about my faith. I am passionate about the girls’ basketball program at Emmaus High School. It is my hope that people will witness by our actions passion for the game. The foundation of our passion is our commitment to integrity. Integrity is when your talk and your walk are the same. It’s the soundness of your moral character. Basketball will build your character and reveal your character. Your character is critically important to our success.

I want your experience in the basketball program to be one of the best experiences of your middle school and high school career. For this to be accomplished, we as a team must do everything with excellence. The pursuit of excellence will mean hard work and diligence which may take on various forms—research, study, time, sweat, planning, community service, practice, etc. It may well mean swimming against the stream and sometimes navigating the rocky and swift rapids of life. It will at times be exhausting and bring us up against that which is really beyond us. Our commitment to team unity is the intangible that will make a really good team great. When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.

Go Hornets!

Billy Dunn
Head Basketball Coach

2013 Varsity

Back Row (left to right): Beth Wiseley, Anna Baer, Coach Dunn, Jenna Lessel, Sally Baer
Middle Row: Kelsey Bacon, Maraya Bowen, Liz Waring, Andrea Watkins
Seated: Ivy Forstater, Mandy McCarthy, Miryah Palko
Missing: Cat Garrity

2013 Junior Varsity

Back Row: (left to right) Coach Williams, Sally Baer, Jenna Lessel, Sarah Vaeth, Coach Garner
Middle Row: Vanessa Huber, Ashley Petre, Sarah Mohr, Brooke Cichocki
Seated: Halee Milburn, Destanee Watkins, Jenna Reid

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